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As a general or specialized contractor, you might feel like most of your work gets done through getting your hands dirty. Yes, that’s true, but you provide a lot more than just the work itself. You might also provide a variety of consulting, advice and professional services. READ MORE >>

Some motorcycles are a bit of a higher grade than the standard bike. Sports bikes, as they typically are known, are often more expensive, more sensitive and require a lot of skill to operate. In some cases, you have higher risks of wrecking these bikes, and if you do, that’s a big financial loss you might experience. READ MORE >>

Are you aware that if you have Windstorm/Hurricane coverage on your homeowners policy, you may also have a separate Hurricane Deductible? Do you know how a Hurricane Deductible impacts your claim? Do you know when it applies to a claim? What is Hurricane Deductible? READ MORE >>

An accident occurs. Your business’s vehicle has significant damage. The insurance company says it is too expensive to repair. They want to total the car. What does that mean for you, as the business owner who relies on that vehicle for transportation?  READ MORE >>

If you plan to buy a home near the coast, you might find quite a lot of choices with elevated floor plans. These homes might be built on raised platforms, supported by stilts. The structures are supported much the same as any home’s raised porch or balcony. However, they support the whole home. READ MORE >>

While it is great to have a business owner’s policy (BOP) to protect your company against loss, it is just as vital to take steps on your own to prevent a claim. These four methods are a great way to ensure tools and supplies don’t mysteriously disappear without your knowledge. READ MORE >>

You are a teen driver. Your budget likely is tight. You don't want to pay too much for your car insurance premium. You also might wonder if you can avoid paying high deductibles on your coverage. However, think twice before you think about carrying low deductibles, or none at all. READ MORE >>

You’re going to make a significant investment when you buy your first house. Given that most homes these days cost six figures or more, the initial price is enough. Once you factor in the costs of simple upkeep over the house’s lifetime, you are looking at a hefty bill. READ MORE >>

When Is a Car Considered Totaled? Once you initiate an insurance claim, you'll typically need to get the damaged vehicle inspected to determine the cost of repairs. This usually means visiting an auto body shop (your insurance company may recommend a specific shop or shops in your area) for an estimate of the repair costs, including both parts and labor. READ MORE >>

Actual Cash Value vs. Replacement Cost Learn the distinction between 'Actual Cash Value' (ACV) and 'Replacement Cost' when it comes to homeowners insurance policies. The difference may surprise you!  The distinction between 'Actual Cash Value' (ACV) and 'Replacement Cost' is one of the most important concepts in homeowners insurance. READ MORE >>

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